Hollywood42's Card Trading

Wild Autograph Project

Recently, I decided to start a new project, this time in hockey. The goal is to get an autographed card of every player that played on the Wild in the 2012-2013 season. The cards can be from any year (doesn't have to be from 12-13), and any set. The only restriction with the cards is that the player must be in a Wild uniform. I understand that means I'll have to wait for a few of the newer guys to the team (Parise, Suter, Pominville, etc), but that's fine with me. If you have any of the autos I need, please let me know. Thanks much!

Here's the list of players that I still need an auto from. I will add a player to this list as soon as they get any experience in the pros with the Wild, even if it is just one game. For that reason, I'm not going to include any progress trackers until the season is over

Backstrom, Niklas
Bouchaard, Pierre-Marc
Brodin, Jonas
Brodziak, Kyle
Clark, Brett
Clutterbuck, Cal
Coyle, Charlie
Cullen, Matt
Dowell, Jake
Falk, Justin
Gilbert, Tom
Granlund, Mikael
Hackett, Matt
Harding, Josh
Heatley, Dany
Konopka, Zenon
Kuemper, Darcy
Larsson, Johan
Mitchell, Torrey
Parise, Zach
Pominville, Jason
Powe, Darroll
Prosser, Nate
Rupp, Mike
Scandella, Marco
Setoguchi, Devin
Spurgeon, Jared
Stoner, Clayton
Suter, Ryan
Veilleux, Stephane
Zucker, Jason

Here's the list of players I have already tracked down an auto from. If you notice somebody that has played with the Wild during the 2012-13 season, and they aren't on either list, please let me know as I likely missed adding them. Thanks!

Koivu, Mikko