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Twins Wants & Haves

A double rainbow appears as Brian Dozier bats in the 2014 Home Run Derby during All-Star week, hosted at Target Field

If I had all of my Twins wants listed under a single page, that page would be massive. So, I decided to split up my wants into periods of time. Before 2000, each decade of cards gets its own page. After 2000, there is a new page for every 5 years. I also have separate pages for lists of my Twins autos, relics, patches, etc, and my Twins Letterman projects. To visit one of these pages, use the following links, or hover over "Twins Wants & Haves" on the main sidebar and use the links that appear there.

Twins Sets 2010-2015
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Twins Sets 2000-2004
Twins Sets 1990-1999
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Twins Sets 1961-1969
Twins Auto/GU/Etc Haves
Twins Lettermans (Letter patches)