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Twins Lettermans

On this page, I have sets that I'm working on where each card is a letter patch that spells something out when all the cards of a certain player from the set is completed, normally their name or nickname. I'm not really sure what the "official" name for this type of thing is called, but I've seen other people call them Letterman cards, so that's the term that I'm going to adopt.

I will note all the specifics for each in each individual listing, as well as pictures of the full name or nickname and a larger picture of a single card to show more detail.

I am not listing any sets that I don't already have at least 1 card from! So, if you have a Twins letter patch that you can't find on this page, that means I haven't started that one yet and I would love to trade for your card. Thanks!

2009 SP Authentic By the Letter- Joe Nathan
-Each card numbered /25
-Not sure if there is a difference between repeated letters, but I believe there IS NOT
NEED M, I, N, N, E, S, T, A, T, W, I, N, S (all cards have same number: NA)

Yeah, the full name works better on shorter phrases^...

2009 Upper Deck Icons Immortal Lettermen- Paul Molitor
-Spells out "PAUL MOLITOR"
-Each card numbered /40
-There IS NOT a difference between repeated letters (Only 1 "O" card created- need 2 of them for this name)
NEED P, A, U, L, M, O, L, I, T, O (all cards have same number: PM)

2009 Upper Deck Icons Lettermen- Joe Nathan
-Spells out "JOE NATHAN"
-Each card numbered/45
-There IS NOT a difference between repeated letters (Only 1 "N" card and only 1 "A" card created need 2 of both for this name)
NEED  J, O, E, A, T, H, A, N (all cards have the same number: JN)

2008 Razor Lettermen 20- Carlos Gutierrez
-Spells out "GUTIERREZ"
-Each card numbered/20
-There IS a difference between repeated letters (There is a E-1 and a E-2, a R-1 and a R-2)
-Also autoed

2006 SP Authentic By the Letter- Justin Morneau
-Spells out "MORNEAU"
-Each card numbered/75
-Also autoed