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Hockey Wants & Haves

Welcome to the hockey section of my site! In hockey, I collect the Minnesota Wild and the Minnesota North Stars. I collect all cards from those teams- Base, inserts, autos, GUs, numbered, the whole deal. To visit either of the pages that have my wants/haves listed, just hover over the "Hockey Wants/Haves" line on the left, and the links to the subpages will pop up just to the right.  Thanks!

One thing to note, I do not buy boxes or packs of hockey cards because I don't collect much (relatively speaking) in the sport, so I normally only have a few cards available for trade in hockey. If you would take baseball in return, I'm sure we can work out a deal. I'm ok even with trading baseball GUs and autos (most of the time) for hockey base cards- It's been surprisingly hard to find traders that collect both baseball and hockey (or at least will take baseball in return), so I always try me best to get deals done when I find a trader that's willing to trade for baseball in return.